TEDxYouth@BSN | Use your human power to make an environmental difference | Ralph Groenheijde

At the TEDxYouth@BSN event at the British School in The Netherlands Ralph Groenheijde spoke about his journey to make the world a better place for his (and our) children.

Through founding his non-governmental organisation, TrashUre Hunt, Ralph has built a platform from which to educate children and adults about our collective responsibility to fight plastic and litter pollution.

Listen to Ralph as he explains how he used the power of his ‘heart’ and his ‘head’ to start a national movement.

Learn how we can all become TrashUre Hunters! Watch Ralph and find out what you can do.

Ralph Groenheijde is a professional coach and therapist. Founder of the non-governmental organisation TrashUre Hunt, he is a well-known character around the beaches of The Hague in The Netherlands.

“Breaking the Mould” is the second TEDxYouth event organised by The British School in the Netherlands. Speakers explore ideas around ‘If I Could Lead for a Day’, ‘Tackling Tough Truths’ and ‘An Invitation for Change’.

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With his NGO, Ralph organises hunts on the beaches around The Hague and tries to get international attention to the plastic and waste problem. His aim is to educate people and create awareness for children and adults. A world without plastic soup is much better. Ralph got the idea for TH when he was surfing and saw the pollution on the beach and in the water. He decided to do something about it and take action! The rules of TrashUre Hunt (TH) are simple: TrashUre Hunters are pirates and everything that is not supposed to be in nature are our trashures. Children involved in treasure hunting use all the trash they collect and create treasures such as toys, costumes and so on. In the summer, you can find Ralph on the beach in Scheveningen every Tuesday evening for a work your trash out boot camp. In this hour you get a workout and pick up trash at the same time. He is also a professional coach and phycologist. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at https://www.ted.com/tedx