This short movie is created by Evelien Bosch (Presentation), Nick Parree (Regie/Montage), Toon Castricum (Camera). Big thanks to: Nederland Schoon, NPO, Ralph Groenheijde, Oswin Beingsick, Team ENG Facilities, Iconicstudios PR. Copyright March 2015

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The very first step towards a nice and clean world is if someone shows that he finds it important to have a clean environment ... Set an example !!!

4500 TrashUre Hunters

46.900 Cigarette Buds

5000 kg plastic

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TrashUre Hunt

The rules of TrashUre Hunt are simple: TrashUre Hunters are pirates and everything what is not supposed to be in nature are our treasures.

We are proud, we make adventures and we enjoy nature. No more cans, pieces of toys, cigarette butts and lost plastic in nature. From now on the bin is a treasure chest, or TrashUre Chest! Before treasure goes in the bin, we make art of it. Plastic castles, exotic animals, funny fishing net outfits and a lot more.

In an enjoyable way you learn what is not supposed to be in nature. The goal is to create awareness. Children and adults learn how to approach environmental problems. We try to make this world as clean as possible with a big smile and a lot of positive energy!


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  • Education
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  • Seminars
  • LifeCoaching
  • Masterclasses
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